Steps to Recovery Incorporates Innovative Technology into Their Treatment Paradigm Target Market

Press Release – Steps to Recovery Incorporates Innovative Technology into Their Treatment Paradigm
Target Market – PA
Steps to Recovery is announcing the addition of an innovative technology that will be used in their treatment approach for all addictive behavior treatments known as the GARS® test. GARS® by MyGenx® is the first and only patented genetic test that identifies a person’s risk to substance and non-substance behaviors. Through a non-invasive cheek swab, the GARS® test stratifies a person’s risk to many different substance and non-substance behaviors including alcohol, opioids, stimulants, online gaming, gambling, and more. Steps to Recovery will be incorporating this new science to personalize their treatment approach. “As we continue to expand our understanding of addiction and learn about new, innovative practices, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the care that we provide to our patients. Incorporating GARS® into our protocols will allow us to personalize our treatment plan one step further” says Ryan McCarthy, CEO at Steps to Recovery.
Steps to Recovery isn’t just going to offer GARS® in their addiction treatment center, but STR is looking at ways that this could serve as an opportunity to provide early intervention within our community.
The greatest value of the GARS® test, is that when it comes to genetics and addictive behaviors, genetics only make up 50% of the equation, a person’s environment or exposure to risks make up the other half. All of us go through life without knowing what different substance or non-substance behaviors we could be at risk to. Imagine now knowing this information. A person would have the ability to make lifestyle changes to combat and reduce triggers for these addictive behaviors. “Steps to Recovery does not just want to be known for helping treat addiction, but we want to do our part by helping challenge stigma regarding addiction and helping provide interventions as early as possible. We want to work with our community partners, school districts, local PTOs, local townships, county municipalities, church groups, and really anyone with a larger reach to get the word out about early steps that we can take!” states Manuel Rivera, MA, LPC, NCC, Clinical Director at Steps to Recovery.
MyGenx® by Geneus Health, the company that created the GARS® test, has recently launched their national awareness campaign. “As we continue to expand the utilization of GARS® we are extremely humbled by this partnership and look forward to working with Steps to Recovery to bring this new genetic technology to Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania. What they (Steps to Recovery) are doing is truly remarkable…it is not every day you hear about an addiction treatment center putting such a genuine effort in early intervention” says Justin Jones, Geneus Health CEO.
Kristina Kipp, PharmD at Penn Med is a big supporter of this new technology. “Addiction is a complex disorder, and the more information we can obtain, the better decisions healthcare providers can make, to offer the most optimal treatment. Just like with any disease state out there, the best way to tackle it, is through prevention. I think it is outstanding what Steps to Recovery is doing on the preventative side. Think alone how this could impact the opioid addiction crisis, by better informing providers of a patient’s potential risk for addiction.”
Steps to Recovery will be offering this new genetic test starting at the end of this month. For more information, visit their website at
About Steps to Recovery
Steps to Recovery is a program owned, operated, and driven by compassion. Our mission goes beyond treating the addiction, STR’s goal is to engage each individual in realizing their full potential. It is our fundamental belief that when people are cared for through empathy and innovative practices, the stage is set for meaningful reflection, expression, and ultimately, growth. The intimacy developed between the team and client acts as the foundation for individualized care.
Our staff embraces the idea that we can help clients by supporting them to understand themselves better and seeing recovery as a new way of life instead of a barrier to the way they want to live. We do this by offering our core values through every encounter; Authenticity, Connection, Integrity. We want each client experience with us to be so special that it is carried throughout their recovery journey. To learn more, visit
About MyGenx®
MyGenX® is a division of Geneus Health, a genetic testing company based in San Antonio, Texas. We focus on proactively providing our customers with scientific genetic information and neuro-nutrient supplements, through DNA testing, to help them live their best possible life. To learn more, visit
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