Recovery’s Heart

“…And when you stumble or fall don’t get right back up. Stay there for a moment and see what you can see. Shake the hand of your demons and put a smile on your face. For it is only in those moments of darkness, when there is desperation and pain, when your defenses are defenseless, that you find what you have been hiding and who you can be. And if the urges come back to intoxicate yourself, don’t be afraid. For in that struggle, that hurt, that pain, in that choice of wether to use or stay, there, is where you will find recovery’s heart.” – Recovery’s Heart

Via:: Recovery Reflections

Amy Hughey

Amy Hughey is a Certified Professional Coach who works with women in recovery to create financial abundance and break through the sober plateau. She also faciliates powerful workshops on topics like money, fitness and body image. Amy is passionately dedicated to helping others create happy, joyous, and free lives in recovery.