Drug Addiction Recovery Timeline

Many people looking to reach sobriety are apprehensive about treatment. Ultimately, users want to know how long it usually takes for them to feel better. Others want to know when they’ll stop having cravings and how long it will take for their families to trust them again. However, drug addiction recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. So, often, lasting sobriety takes time.
Drug Addiction Recovery Timeline for Withdrawal
The first step towards recovery is going through medical detox. As you probably already know, withdrawal can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Fortunately, going through a detox program helps minimize this discomfort. For example, some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include:
Aches and pains
Flu-like symptoms
Although detox is extremely helpful, some people also develop post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). These are very minor symptoms that arise weeks or months after withdrawal ends. While the body tries to regain equilibrium after months or years of substance abuse, some withdrawal symptoms linger. This is why a quality drug and alcohol rehab continues to assist you even after treatment ends.
The Timeline of Losing Cravings
The first thing you need to understand about the drug or alcohol cravings timeline is that nobody has ever died from temptation. In early recovery, many people worry when they still have cravings. However, this is completely normal. You need to realize that throughout addiction, your brain acclimates to using drugs when experiencing stress. Therefore, when you encounter stress, sadness, anger, and even happiness, you’ll have the desire to use again.
Fortunately, the benefit of treatment is that evidence-based therapeutic methods help rewire the brain’s reward system. This is why cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is so successful. CBT teaches you to turn to healthier solutions when experiencing triggers. Over time, the cravings begin to minimize because you’ll find helpful solutions for coping with them.
Repairing Relationships with Family at Steps to Recovery
Unfortunately, long-term substance abuse makes people believe instant gratification is crucial. However, recovery teaches you that patience helps you rebuild relationships. It’s extremely common for people in early recovery to forget about the years of drug use their families witnessed. Rebuilding these relationships takes time. Once they grow, you’ll realize they’re stronger than they’ve ever been.
Steps to Recovery is a treatment center in Pennsylvania that’s here to help you through the drug addiction recovery timeline. We’ll educate you about the different aspects of sobriety so you can enter rehab with realistic expectations. Above all, we believe that every man and woman has the power to live a better life. The comprehensive methods we use include:
Family therapy
Group therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy
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