Cool and Creative Homegroup Names

Cool and Creative Homegroup Names

I was listening to this really fantastic podcast that comes out of California at least twice a week called “Recovery 101”.  They’re all in recovery, they’re very funny and all their shows are based on a topic that all of us in the 12 step world can relate to. Anyway, they were talking about how chair people (or stewards or whatever) are in charge of keeping the sharing from going on too long.

Recovery 101

So Bruce B., (kind of the leader of the Sobriety Zoo Crew), mentions this AA group in Glendale, Ca. called “The Gong Show”. Check this out – they have an xylophone that goes off quietly after 3 minutes and I think he said an actual gong is rung at 5 minutes. Well the name of that group led to a little research trip into finding some really creative and pretty cool names that members who have started new groups have come up with.

We looked at AA, NA, CA, and GA online meeting directories in Pennsylvania and some in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area of California. These are some we found: a Cocaine Anonymous Group in Covina , Ca. called, “The Last Straw”. How about this name for an AA group? “Hair of the Dog” in West Chester, Pa. (ex-heavy drinkers out there will recognize that phrase…a drink of what you had last nite sometimes helped hangovers the next day). Here’s 2 more local ones that were kind of cool – both AA; the “Foglifters Group” from New Hope, Pa. and the “Book ‘Um” group from Broomall, Pa. (Book ‘Um is probably a pun on ‘Big Book’ and the police phrase for ‘arrest him’. There’s a lot more so why don’t we just list some; the “Sobriety BowlAA group in Philly, “AA for Dummies” in Cedar, Pa., the “Knuckleheads” group in Venice, Ca., the “Plan B” group in Pacific Palisades, Ca. (I love that one) and “Sobriety 101” in Hollywood, Ca.

Gambler’s Anonymous meetings were harder to find on the internet but we did find the “U Betcha” group in Coatesville, Pa. As for Narcotics Anonymous groups, there were some exceptionally clever names. I’m not sure if that’s because the words “drugs” or “dope” are easier to rhyme then the word “alcohol”, but here goes some great NA group names; “Key Tags Not Toe Tags” in Canoga Park, Ca., the “Morning Fix” group every day at 7a.m. in Riverside, Ca., the “Monkey Killers” in Burbank, Ca. (alluding to having a monkey on your back, not animal cruelty), “A High We Cannot Buy” group in Los Angeles, Ca. and “Morning Meds” in Anaheim, Ca. There are a lot more pretty good NA California group names but how about some local ones; “Hope Without Dope” in Warminster, Pa. has been around forever (or as long as I can remember), the “Sink or Swim” group in Collingswood, Pa., the “Down Payment on Life” group in Philly, “the Light of Exposure” group also in Philly and the “WeCovery” group in Belmont Hill, Pa. Sometimes the names of the groups can be confusing. When I was writing this article and I saw the R.I.P. group in Philly but didn’t look at the location, I ASSUMED it was this meeting on Friday night almost right in a church graveyard (right next to, really).

We always read the headstones, etc. Well, it turns out there’s another meeting on Friday nite in Philly called R.I.P. that stands for “Recovery In Progress” – the graveyard meeting is actually called, “The Graveyard“. It’s fun to look at the cool names but it’s best to check the addresses. On that topic, there’s the “Life is a Terrible Thing to Waste” also in Philadelphia. Let’s go back to California for a minute – can somebody please explain this group name (meets in Culver City)…the “Lunar Flight” group of AA {the closest explanation I could think of was that the (Howard) Hughes Aircraft Co. was headquartered there for 50 years}. Here’s an easy one; guess where the “Keep It Reel” (note spelling) group of AA meets? You got it – Hollywood, Ca. Here’s a funny one…the “Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bath WaterAA group that meets in Santa Monica, Ca. Ready for another group with a long name? How about the “From Turning Corners to Turning Pages” NA group that meets in Los Angeles, Ca. That name has to be a reference to the “Spy Vs. Spy” behavior that goes on in and around drug deals – especially in big cities like L.A. and Philadelphia. Here’s a few more west coast goodies; the “Endangered Species” NA group, the “Talking Heads” group in Pasadena (actually there was a Talking Heads NA group in South Jersey years ago). That conjures up 2 great images; the phenomenal rock group of that name and what we must look like to an “alien” observing us during a meeting (LOL).

Keeping it simple, here are few rhyming names of NA groups, also in California; the “From Dope To Hope” group in L.A., and the “Nope to Dope” group in Long Beach. We also have the “Mugs Not Drugs” group and probably the most used name ever for an NA group, the “Hugs Not Drugs” group. You also have the “Mixed Nuts” group in Norco, Ca. and the “Rule 62AA group in Hawthorne, Ca., always reminding us (as these clever group names do), not to take ourselves too seriously.