Codeine Drink: What Is It?

Most people know of the pain medication codeine. Doctors use it to treat mild to moderate pain. In fact, it often comes in prescription cough syrup to relieve pain from intense coughing. However, what is codeine drink?
The Codeine Drink
This drink has a few names, including purple drank, sizzurp and lean. Regardless of what people call it, it’s a mixture of codeine and some flavor enhancer. For example, it’s common for people to use soda, Jolly Ranchers, or other flavored candies.
Why do people use candy and soda for flavor? They typically use prescription cough syrup for the codeine ingredient. However, the medicine has a bad taste to keep people from drinking it to get high. The soda and candy mask this flavor to make the cough syrup easier to swallow.
Dangers of Drinking Codeine Concoctions
What’s the danger in drinking prescription cough syrup? People may think that codeine cough syrup isn’t very dangerous, but it can cause numerous problems. For instance, taking large doses can trigger respiratory problems.
People who overdose on codeine tend to have trouble breathing and even have seizures. In fact, several celebrities went to the hospital or have died from a codeine overdose. For example, DJ Screw died in 2000 because of it.
Codeine drink makes it easy for people to overdose on codeine. Because of the pleasant flavor, people end up drinking more than they intend. Also, no one makes the drink the same way. Some people put more codeine in it than others, so it’s hard to know how much is in a glass.
How to Know If Someone Drinks Codeine?
It can be difficult to tell if someone drinks codeine or is high on another drug. However, codeine is an opiate, so the signs and symptoms are the same as with other opiates. People who abuse this drug might suffer from symptoms such as:
Slurred speech
Impaired motor skills
People who have these issues might need codeine addiction treatment. When someone overdoses on codeine, it’s essential to seek immediate medical help. While waiting for medical assistance, keep the person awake to prevent them from going into a coma.
Get Help for Codeine Addiction Now
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