Cocaine Use Statistics [Infographic]

The United States has found itself in a battle against drug use for decades now. Currently, the primary focus is heroin and opioids. However, it’s crucial that other illicit substances should remain in the headlines as well. Cocaine is still a prominent drug in use today and requires attention to help remove it from our streets. Cocaine use statistics are still on the rise, rather than falling.
All About Cocaine
Before you focus on cocaine use statistics, it’s essential that you understand what cocaine is. An understanding of the drug will only emphasize the magnitude of these statistics. Cocaine is a potent stimulant that has a high risk of addiction after use. The drug comes from a chemical found in the coca leaves in South America. During the beginning of the 1900s, the compound was in tonics for medicinal purposes. After research, scientists found that cocaine is harmful, leading to a change in the manufacturing of medications.
Cocaine Use Statistics
While cocaine is a popular drug across the world, it’s most popular in the United States. Those within America spend a collective $28 billion on cocaine, making it the leading consumer in the world. In fact, one out of every twenty Americans between the age of 18 to 25 uses the drug. From 2013 until 2015, the number of younger Americans choosing to use cocaine lept 61%. In 2015 alone, 968,000 Americans tried cocaine. This jump explains why the number of overdose deaths in the year 2015 was at their highest since 2006, and second highest since 1999. While this gap shows that at one point cocaine use had begun to slow, the latest jumps show an upswing in popularity once more.
Steps to Recovery and Cocaine Rehab
If you or a loved one have begun to contribute to these cocaine use statistics, the time to find help is now. Cocaine addiction isn’t a condition that you can beat alone. A professional cocaine addiction rehab center can help individuals regain control of their life. Steps to Recovery offers treatment for numerous addictions, including:
Cocaine addiction
Meth addiction
Heroin addiction
Prescription drug addiction
We also offer several programs that aid in recovery, including:
Drug and alcohol detox
Residential rehab
Intensive outpatient program
Outpatient program
Partial hospitalization program
If you want to stop being part of the cocaine use statistics, reach out for help today. Call Steps to Recovery now at 866-488-8684 to learn about treatment options and more about alcohol and drug education. Let us help you make that first step towards lasting recovery.
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