Naloxone is not enough – updated

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This is a repost from earlier in the week that has been updated to include an exchange with a commenter that touches upon some important themes in responding to OD and opiate addiction.


From USA Today:

Fulcher [an emergency room physician at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital in Louisville, Ky.]says he generally supports giving greater access to naloxone, which at one point his ER administered so often doctors felt like they were running a drive-through OD clinic. But he says new laws “totally ignore” the overall problem of addiction and may communicate an underlying acceptance of intravenous heroin use. “Politicians will feel like they’ve dealt with the problem,” Fulcher says.

There’s a comment on Join Together that suggests this is a straw man, that no one says naloxone is enough. There’s some truth to this.

At the same time, how much action are we hearing about to increase access to treatment of an appropriate quality, intensity and duration?

A commenter expressed concern about Dr. Fulcher’s concern that we “may communicate an underlying acceptance of intravenous heroin use.” In her comment she cited a reseacher (and harm reduction activist) Peter Davidson. The exchange touched upon some important themes. Below is my lightly edited response.

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